• Paula Schwarz

Artificial Rescue Islands For Greece - Achievements During The Munich Security Conference 2020.

Updated: Feb 18

The Cloud Nation is building Artificial Rescue Islands in the region of Greece.

The Artificial Rescue Islands are being built and administrated in partnership with individual, organizational and governmental supporters such as OECD, Airbus Defense, the Vatican, the World Food Programme, Cisco, and the XPrize.

On Artificial Resue Islands, Cloud Citizens are welcomed, registered on new styles of identification systems, supported and possibly employed in jobs.

Prominent job descriptions are:

- Peacebuilders

- Recycling Workers

- Language Trainers

All persons who are registered on Artificial Rescue Islands receive a free amount of money and payment for their work.

Money is provided as a new type of currency called Liquid.

More information is to be published and distributed about Liquid shortly.

Artificial Rescue Islands of the Cloud Nation are being built in partnership, in friendship and in harmony with the Greek and the Turkish government, as well as with other governmental supporters and partners around the world.

Pathways from the Artificial Rescue Islands to the mainland of Greece and Turkey are under construction.

The Cloud Nation has purchased real-estate in Greece and in Turkey in close cooperation and partnership with both governments.

During the Munich Security Conference 2020, the government of Germany declared its support for the construction of Artificial Rescue Islands in the region of Greece by the Cloud Nation.

The Cloud Nation is very thankful for the steady increase of support.