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Buy & Sell Your Data Responsibly, Right Now!

Buy your data responsibly from data-givers!

The Raindrop token (RDRP) is the native currency of the ecosystem and is the medium for exchange of value.

Creators earn Raindrops from the consumption of Smart Data and Social Insights that are purchased by Buyers.

Decentralized Nodes earn Raindrops for providing network routing.

Decentralized and distribute compute contributors earn Raindrops for providing compute capability for Rainfall’s distributed AI.

Rainfall’s technology is powered by a unique AI system uses topic matching and aggregation capability and combines it, where possible, with the edge-based AI capability of Zero AI. The Zero AI technology aligns with the philosophy of Rainfall – to comply with fundamental principles of Privacy, Decentralization of control, and Economic Agency. It ensures every user within the Rainfall ecosystem has the ability to control the privacy of their data - how and where it is stored, and to monetize it via Raindrop tokens.

Monetization can be anonymous or with identity, non-exclusively or exclusively all with minimal friction and effort.

Rainfall Foundation runs the Raindrop currency. Based in Zug, Switzerland, the Foundation is built on transparency and driven by the fundamental belief that there is immense value in the digital existence of every human in the world and it is our inalienable right to be able to earn an income from this digital sovereignty, if we should so choose.

We are committed to the concept of creating Universal Earned Income – UEI for every human who has a digital footprint and doing so in a way that is fair, friction-free and financially optimal.

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Congratulations to Amit Pradhan (picture below) & team for their amazing achievements to date!

Written by Paula Schwarz