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Corona Data Summary Of The Cloud Nation

Selected helpful resources about Corona and COVID19.

1. Research On Corona/COVID19

a.) Capsca Database on Corona:

b.) WHO Action Roadmap/Corona

c.) WHO More Resources/Corona:

d) WHO Corona Virus Advice For Public:

e) WHO & ICAO Statement on COVID-19:

f) John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center:

g) GIS and data live data feed:

h) Open Data Portal of the EU:

i) Our World In Data - Corona Virus Information:

j) In 2012 the federal government described a quite interesting the  szenario that is currently happening. In appendix 4 they are doing a deep dive and risk analysis on Virus Modi-SARS. It helps a little bit to understand the current  situation:

k) OECD Coronavirus Watch:

2. Challenges, Awards & Innovation Section

a)  Gates Foundation:


c) Pledge of Jack Ma:

d) Other:




e) The European Commission:

f) Berlin-based Corona-Testing Innovation:

3. A fake news section about COVID19 is under development.

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