• Paula Schwarz

The Datanomic Rescue Zone in the Mediterranean Sea.

Members of the World Datanomic Forum announced today that they pledge multiple million Euro in funding for the creation of an Artificial Rescue Island (ARI) to effectively tackle the mass-migration crisis at the borders of Europe with the usage of the concept of Seasteading.

'The aim of the initiative is to register workers who are engineers or doctors, to equipt them with funding in partnership with the United Nations and the World Bank, and to send the selected individuals to China for work as engineers in the Gigafactories of Tesla.

We also invite registered doctors to return back to a number of countries in East-, West-, or Central Africa, where they can work as medical experts or doctors in regions which are in need of medical support.

The World Datanomic Forum still awaits one final confirmation of the Greek government to confirm our impactful partnership with the Greek government before we can disclose the exact location of the artificial island.' Statement by Mike Zuckerman, Director of the Artificial Datanomic Zones of the World Datanomic Forum in Greece.

The creation of artificial islands with the use of seasteading methodologies has received much international attention in the solving of different humanitarian crises because the methodologies have proven to be highly successful in the saving of lives and in the creation of opportunities in emergency situations and beyond.

In light of the mass-migration crisis at the borders of Greece, the approach is being combined with Datanomics for the first time in order to foster social harmony and to prevent the outbreak of war at the borders of Europe.