• Paula Schwarz

Datanomics Replace Economics

Updated: Jan 30

Innovation today happens at incredible speed.

It is therefore not a good idea to asign value to material goods.

Additionally, it is a question if it actually goes against the idea of human dignity to asign value to humans ('I have so-and-so much money on my bank account).

Datanomics is the attempt to eradicate money through the harmonic usage of data.

Datanomics asigns value to immaterial goods, also called dreams and plans.

Datanomics uses data to form links between people who can use their resources and their abilities to reach collectively aspired goals.

Just like an orchestra that is perfectly synced, teams of people can work together in order to achieve their dreams together effectively and joyfully.

The company 'Cloud Nation' works together with a variety of governments in order to test the approach created by Paula Schwarz in so-called 'Datanomic Zones'.

At the World Economic Forum in Davos 2020, 15 milllion Euro were raised for further research on Datanomics together with the Institute For The Future in Palo Alto and other strategic partners.

Datanomics is backed by the World Datanomic Forum.

The World Datanomic Forum selects Superheroes in different sectors who promote and conduct research on Datanomics together.

Eudamonomics is a new research field inside Datanomics.

Eudamonomics explores the relationship individual people have towards their reality, in order to improve their perception of a joyful life.

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