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A Message To The Organizers Of The World Economic Forum - About Their Plans To Reset The Economy.

Updated: Sep 6

I don't do a great reset like in that misleading, cold, expensive, arrogant,boring, stiff (stick-up-the...) and old World Economic Forum thingy because I have evolved.

Having said that, I met some nice people in there and I appreciate that. Davos prices are insane and no event should ever be allowed to be this expensive again in the future of human history - espescially if it pretends to promote true equality. (...)

It almost makes me vomit (again) how the World Economic Forum allowed for Goldman Sachs (and other very, very questionable players) to publish misleading data about the economic developments inside of China (I have seen those papers/the data...).

May I ask another kind question to the organisers of the World Economic Forum?



How much change is a person meant to be able to promote if they are surrounded by your guns, by cruel, scary & stupid politicians, by old systems-thinking, by outdated data, by bankrupt banks (...!!!), by liers, by fakers, by non-makers, by cheap women who seek to meet rich billionaire suggardaddies?

How can any decent soul play a dignified, honest, admirable, beautiful, shining and supporting part in a 'global reset' of this World Economic Forum? (Pfff)

Guys, this reset of the World Economic Forum is a massive sharade that wants to hide the true power of our evolution again. 

I believe in the Superheroes of the World Datanomic Forum, I believe in the Cloud Law (the international law of relativity), I believe in the evolution of nature, humanity and technology. I believe that all of the above is in you and in me.

Keep up the fantastic work everywhere! Bravo!

Relatively heartfelt & cloudy greets from p.

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