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Startup Alternatives For Germany

Berlin, April 1st, 2021.

Investors and Sponsors in the World Datanomic Forum launch a new fund called "Datanomic Fund" in order to provide governance-aid through G2C-services provided by the World Datanomic Forum.

The specific form of governance-aid based on startups and technology provided by the World Datanomic Forum is referred to as "StartupAid".

Initially, the "Datanomic Fund" is focused on providing G2C-services in sectors such as mobility, education, information and housing.

As the "Datanomic Fund" aims to offer a systemic approach, G2C-services are interlinked and monitored in coherence with each other.

The Datanomic Fund finances the creation and maintenance of G2C-services that fall unter the profile mentioned above.

The synergy-, and empathy-based coordination of information, that is also used to organise G2C-services of the World Datanomic Forum, is referred to as "Datanomics".

The "Datanomic Fund" operates in a central test-region in Germany.

More information about the G2C-services that are being finalised to operate in the test-region is accessible on www.alternativefü and on

This is the starting logo for the fund (in German language):