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Pharrell Williams Proudly Wins XPrize Visioneering

Updated: Jan 26

Selected members of our communiry shaped the Xprize Awards at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

Last year'S XPrize theme was 'The Environment'. What this means is that all awards are centered around solving problems linked to the protection of the environment on earth and in space. The total capital pledged for XPrizes in 2019 was roughly 50 million Dollars.

The singer Pharell Williams and his team won the prize for the best X Prize idea for 'Charter Communities' on the final day of the private gathering.

The 'Charter Communities' award is centered around the uplifting of socially challenged neighbourhoods around the world. The World Datanomic Forum is proud to support this initiative. Paula Schwarz, the Fondatrice of the World Datanomic Forum confirmed her intention to join the Innovation Board of the XPrize on the center stage on the final day of Visioneering. The World Datanomic Forum extends the concept of Charter Communities to effectively tackle housing challenges linked to mass migration.

'The living situation of 500 Million people who are continuously migrating across the world today must urgently be improved. We use novel construction materials and a synergized approach with strong partners in the digital economy to improve the lives of the most vulnerable - both online and offline.' Paula Schwarz stated on October 8th in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Superheroes of the World Datanomic Forum such as Harrison Ford (Star Wars), selected actors of the international blockbuster series 'Star Treck', Sara Musallam (Chairwoman of the Department of Education of Abu Dhabi), Zenia Tata, Deepak Chopra, Pharell Williams, Sheila Shah, Peter Diamantis, Anousheh Ansari, Jojo Bahnam and many other sources of inspiration formed synergies to demonstrate the importance of mutually benefitial partnerships in a highly competitive economy. Attendants of the XPrize continued to mention that they seek to work together in order to enable the most effective ecological recovering of our planet possible.

Apart from joining the Innovation Board of the Xprize, the community of the World Datanomic Forum implements innovation built by XPrize Visioneers in highly challenged regions across the world based on Datanomics in order to help solve challenges linked to mass migration, identity theft, child abuse, malnutrition, insufficient healthcare, and to drastically improve the state of the environment on earth and in space.

Implementation of innovation selected by the World Datanomic Forum will mostly occur on Startupboats.

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