• Paula Edith Natascha Schwarz & The World Datanomic Forum was created during the first lockdown (2020) of the Corona crisis in Germany.

Before was established, there was no central contact point nationwide where the population could look for or offer help.

In addition to individual aid-campaigns, the portal bundles aid-offers by and for people in an intuitive, simple and clear manner.

At this point, the platform have already been accessed over 165,000 times, with over 90,000 users and 11,000 registrations. The team has received support from the German national soccer team to the government and the fire brigade. is now entering the second phase.

A core challenge of the project is still that many want to help without finding the right help offer. And even for special requests for help, the right helpers or contact points cannot always be found.

Through a new matching principle, wants to make it possible for everyone to receive the fitting free help reliably, quickly, and easily. No matter whether it is a migrant who needs help, a person who is looking for contact because she feels lonely, or a senior citizen who needs shopping assistance.

Engineers and investors of the World Datanomic Forum have decided to invest in the initiative and to support it further.

The goal of is to become the central contact point for everyone, be it private individuals, public authorities or institutions, neighbourhood assistance, volunteer platforms or companies. Through this bundling, cross-sectoral synergies are created where otherwise individual projects remain separate from each other and, thus, cannot achieve their full potential as well as they cal on


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